After over twenty years as a football obsessive, it wasn’t until 2017 that I took the dive into nonleague football, with a visit to Hampton & Richmond Borough.  A 1-1 draw with Ebbsfleet United might not have been the best advert, but I was hooked.  In the professional game, I follow Plymouth Argyle, my home team, and Arsenal, but nonleague has become my main love in football.

I’m also a photography enthusiast, and at the recommendation of a few nonleague followers, decided to combine the twin passions, and start this website – in the almost three years that have followed, almost a hundred thousand people have stopped by these pages.  I’ve been lucky enough to secure accreditation to do what I love, and also to get involved with photographing the professional youth leagues, something else I have been interested in for a long time.

I’m also a regular pundit on the @NLFullTime podcast, which is available on audioboom, Spotify and iTunes and is posted every Sunday.  An hour long (usually), and featuring interviews and content from across the nonleague game, it’s a must-listen (in my admittedly biased opinion…).

I’ve been astounded by the level of interest people have had so far, and I’m always keen for suggestions and ideas for how to take this project forward.

Thanks for reading!

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